January 28, 2016

Chairman Lamar Smith
Committee on Science, Space and Technology
House of Representatives
Congress of the United States

Dear Chairman Smith,

We, the undersigned, scientists, engineers, economists and others, who have looked carefully into the effects of carbon dioxide released by human activities, wish to record our support for the efforts of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology to ensure that federal agencies complied with federal guidelines that implemented the Data Quality Act. This is an issue of international relevance because of the weight given to U.S. Government assessments during international negotiations such as those of the IPCC.

The Data Quality Act required government-wide guidelines to “ensure and maximize the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information, including statistical information,” that was disseminated to the public. Individual agencies, such as the EPA, NOAA and many others were required to issue corresponding guidelines and set up mechanisms to allow affected parties to seek to correct information considered erroneous.

We remind you that controversy previously arose over EPA’s apparent failure to comply with these guidelines in connection with its Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding, which was the subject of a report by the EPA Office of the Inspector General in 2011, see tinyurl.com/jbk8qkd.

In that case, EPA failed to comply with peer review requirements for a “highly influential scientific assessment” and argued that the Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding was not a “highly influential” scientific assessment.  If it wasn’t, then it’s hard to imagine what would be.
(For a contemporary discussion of the EPA’s stance see  tinyurl.com/juwhkla).
In our opinion, in respect to Karl et al. 2015 and related documents,  NOAA has failed to observe the OMB (and its own) guidelines, established in relation to the Data Quality Act, for peer review of “influential scientific information” and “highly influential scientific assessments.”

We urge you to focus on these important compliance issues. For your consideration, the following pages contain a draft letter which directly connects these issues to your committee’s prior request for documents.

A list of signers with brief identifications is attached as a separate document.


In our letters of 14 July 2015, 10 September 2015 and 25 September 2015 to Katherine D. Sullivan, Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), together with  subpoena on 13 October 2015 and letters of 18 November and 1 December 2015 to Secretary Pritzker, we requested documents pertaining to the widely publicized paper, Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface temperature warming hiatus (Science, 26 June 2015) (“Karl et al 2015”) co-authored by NOAA employees, including Thomas R. Karl, director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. 

Karl et al assessed “the observational evidence related to a “hiatus” in recent global surface warming” and concluded that the evidence did not “support the notion of a “slowdown” in the increase of global surface temperature”,  as previously reported by many others including the latest climate assessment report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

At the time of publication of Karl et al 2015, NOAA issued an accompanying press release stating that Karl et al “refutes the notion that there has been a slowdown or “hiatus” in the rate of global warming in recent years”. The press release stated that the work had been carried out by a “team of scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) and LMI using the latest global surface temperature data.”  The release also contained a link to a new NOAA temperature dataset (ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/scpub201506/) (“scpub201506”) presumably based on Karl et al 2015.

Absent from Karl et al. 2015, the press release and the dataset was any statement that “the findings and conclusions in this report are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of NOAA.” In the sense of the OMB Peer Review Guidelines, there was nothing to indicate that the results did not have the “imprimatur of the federal government.

We note that NOAA failed to include the assessment by Karl et al of the observational evidence related to a “hiatus” in recent global surface warming in its list2 of highly influential scientific assessments and/or its failure to include the associated information product in its list3 of influential scientific information; omissions that we find inexplicable given that under the terms of the OMB Peer Review Guidelines and NOAA policy with respect to those guidelines, sscpub201506 was clearly “influential scientific information” and Karl et al 2015 was a “highly influential” scientific assessment.

Given the above, sscpub201506 and Karl et al 2015 are required to comply with Part II and Part III of the OMB procedures, respectively.

NOAA policy states explicitly that “Peer review of these [influential and highly influential] information products will be conducted in accordance with that Bulletin.”  In accordance with these policies, NOAA publishes a list of influential and highly influential scientific information and assessments for which it has already,  or plans to carry out peer review and a “peer review record” is published for such products. For example, NOAA classified their recent assessment of the effects of anthropogenic sound on marine mammal species as a “highly influential scientific assessment”, which was then peer reviewed according to OMB Part III procedures. The published peer review record included milestone dates, charge statements to the reviewers, peer review nominations and reviewer credentials for the initial peer review. Then the initial peer review report, a letter and charge statement were sent to a second set of peer reviewers. CVs of the second set of peer reviewers were published. In like manner the second peer review report, and associated documentation was sent to a third set of peer reviewers.

In refusing to supply requested documents, NOAA claimed that there was a “long-standing practice in the scientific community to protect the confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions”:

Because the confidentiality of these communications among scientists is essential to frank discourse among scientists, those documents were not provided to the Committee,” the agency said. “It is a long-standing practice in the scientific community to protect the confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions

However, in the present case, we are not discussing communications among university researchers but communications among federal employees in respect to influential scientific information and highly influential scientific assessment disseminated by an agency of the federal government and bearing the imprimatur of the federal government.  OMB Guidelines, together with NOAA policy implementing such guidelines, unambiguously supersede any privilege claimed for communications among scientists. The OMB (and later NOAA) was well aware of the confidentiality that is traditional for scientific work that is not “influential or highly influential,” but it nonetheless unambiguously rejected confidentiality when it established the OMB Peer Review Guidelines.

Further, we note that agency obligations under Part III cannot be met merely by peer review by a refereed scientific journal.  Even in respect of Part II, OMB Guidelines also explicitly instruct the agency to note that peer review by the journal may not satisfy Part II standards and require the agency to assess whether the journal peer review met Part II standards:

Publication in a refereed scientific journal may mean that adequate peer review has been performed. However, the intensity of peer review is highly variable across journals. There will be cases in which an agency determines that a more rigorous or transparent review process is necessary. For instance, an agency may determine a particular journal review process did not address questions (e.g., the extent of uncertainty inherent in a finding) that the agency determines should be addressed before disseminating that information. As such, prior peer review and publication is not by itself sufficient grounds for determining that no further review is necessary.

NOAA (and OMB) guidelines also require that agency peer review under Parts II and III demonstrate compliance with NOAA conflict of interest policy, but such compliance is typically impossible to prove under the procedures of many refereed journals, as appears to be the case here.

We note that NOAA failed to include the assessment by Karl et al of the observational evidence related to a “hiatus” in recent global surface warming in its list of highly influential scientific assessments and/or its failure to include the associated information product in its list of influential scientific information, an omissions that we find inexplicable

Further, we had previously sought information about contact between NOAA and the White House.  We note that acknowledgements by Karl et al 2015 include acknowledgement to a White House staffer (Philip Duffy).

We reiterate our request for all documents and communications concerning Karl et al 2015, including, without limitation, all documents relating to its peer review record, all communications regarding or relating to the form of peer review, and all communications with White House staffers, including, without limitation, Philip Duffy.


ALEXANDER, Ralph B, PhD Physics, University of Oxford, former Associate Professor, Wayne State University, Detroit, author of book, Global Warming False Alarm, Canterbury Publishing, 2012.

ALLEN, Dr D. Weston, MB,BS, FRACGP, Grad. Dip. Phys. Med., Medical Director of Kingscliff Family Medical Practice, NSW, Australia. Author of The Weather Makers Re-Examined (2011: Irenic Publications). (AUSTRALIA)

ALLEN, James L., PhD, Physics, Vanderbilt University; Engineer/Scientist (Retired), The Boeing Company, International Space Station Program, Houston, TX.

ANDERSON, Charles R, Ph.D., Physics, Case Western Reserve University; Sc.B., Physics, Brown University; Founder and President of Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc., previously Senior Scientist at Lockheed Martin Laboratories -- Baltimore and Research Physicist in the Department of the Navy; 43 years’ experience using particle beams, gamma rays, x-rays, ultra-violet light, visible light, and infra-red radiation to characterize materials.

ANDERSON, David V, Senior Fellow of American Physical Society.

ARMSTRONG, J. Scott, Professor, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, One of the world’s leading experts on forecasting, he has also published 19 papers on the scientific method.

ASHWORTH, Robert A., Vice President of ClearStack Power LLC, Chemical Engineer with over 50 scientific papers published.

ÅSTRÖM Sture M.Sc. engineering Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, managing experience in international business, founder and working secretary of the Network KLIMATSANS (Climate Sense) http://klimatsans.com/ (SWEDEN)

BAHR, David A, Ph.D. (University of Virginia), Assoc. Prof. of Physics, Bemidji State University.

BALL, Dr. Tim, Retired professor of climatology.

BARRANTE, James R., Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT;  author of book Global Warming for Dim Wits:  A Scientist's Perspective of Climate Change,  Universal Publishers, Boca Raton, FL, 2010.

BARTLETT, David F, Prof of Physics (emeritus) University of Colorado, Fellow American Physical Society; Member American Geophysical Union.

BASTARDI, Joe, Bastardi, Chief meteorologist, Weatherbell Analytics.
BATTIG, Dr. Charles G, M.S. E.E.; M.D, Life member IEEE, American Society of Anesthesiologists; President, Piedmont Chapter, Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment;. Policy advisor, Heartland Institute.

BAUM, Dr. Peter J, Geophysicist, Solar Physicist. Retired from Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics UCR and General Research Corp. MTS. Lifetime Member American, Geophysical Union, former member of American Physical Society, former Director UCR T1 Terrella, Laboratory for solar-earth plasma studies.

BELL, Larry: Launched the research and education program in space architecture at the University of Houston and author of Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax.

BELLER, Denis Beller, PhD,  Lt. Col, USAF, retired (first tenured uniformed professor in the then-70-year history of the USAF Institute of Technology) co-author of seminal Foreign Affairs essay The Need for Nuclear Power, Jan/Feb 2000 (with Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Rhodes), former Research Prof. of Nuclear Engineering, Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas.

BENARD, David  J, Ph.D Physics (University of Illinois, 1972) Co-inventor of the oxygen-iodine chemical laser

BERAN, Max, Retired hydrologist and Climate Change Science coordinator Terrestrial Sciences, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC); Coordinator of NERC Terrestrial Initiative in Global Environmental Research; also chairman organising committee of NATO Special Programme on Science of Global Environmental Change. (UNITED KINGDOM)

BERGSMARK, Stein. Physicist. Senior research scientist. Retired head of Renewable Energy study programmes at University of Agder, Norway. Written several reports on climate change science and politics. (NORWAY)

BERRY, Edwin X, PhD, Physics, Climate Physics LLC, Bigfork, MT, Memberships: American Meteorological Society, AMS, Certified Consulting Meteorologist #180, American Physical Society.

BEVELACQUA, Joseph John, PhD Physics (Florida State University, 1976), CHP, RRPT.  President of Bevelacqua Resources and former USDOE Senior Technical Advisor. Author of over 100 papers published in scientific and technical journals and four textbooks.

BEZDEK, Roger.  Ph.D, Economics, President, MISI; former research Director in ERDA and DOE and Senior Advisor, U.S. Treasury Department.  Author of 6 books and 300 papers published in scientific and professional journals.
BIGHAM, C Bruce, Phd, Nuclear Physics, AECL, Retired,Chalk River,ON, (CANADA)

BLETHEN, John, Ph.D, physics, Stanford University, 1974, McGill, Nevada

BLOEMERS, Dr H.P.J, Emeritus Professor of biochemistry at the Radboud. University of Nijmegen (NETHERLANDS).

BOGARD, Donald D., PhD in geochemistry. 43 years NASA basic research scientist, retired; over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers published in field of planetary geochemistry and volatiles.

BOHNAK, Karl, WLUC-TV6 NBC & FOX U, Chief Meteorologist.

BOEHMER-CHRISTIANSEN, Dr.Sonja,  Geography and geology graduate (Adelaide);  PhD in International  Relations (Sussex, UK). Five years  of  UK  government funded research into the science and politics of the IPCC. Energy policy research at SPRU, Science Policy Research  Unit, University of Sussex 1987 to 1995. Reader in Environmental Management at Hull University and editor of Energy & Environment since 1995. Several books on environmental policy and politics, including climate policy. (UNITED KINGDOM)

BOSTICK, JERRY C., BS Civil Engineering, Mississippi State University. Retired NASA, Flight Operations and Program Management.

BOUTEILLE, Pierre ; HEC'71 business school ; BSN Glass Containers Division (France), Overseas Export Dept, 1973-87 ; Flo-Pak Int'l (Redwood City, Calif) 1988-2009, including : Director of European Development 2000-09, VP Recycling Dept of French Plastics Converters Board 1992-94. (FRANCE)

BRADY, F Paul, PhD,  Professor of Physics, University Of California, Davis [retired]. Fellow of the American Physical Society.  Ford Foundations Fellow. Senior Fulbright Scholar to Germany, 1982/83 and 1990/91.

BRESLOW, Jan L, M.A. Physical Chemistry Columbia University, Doctor of Medicine Harvard Medical School, Fredrick Henry Leonhardt Professor Rockefeller University, Member National Academy of Sciences, Member National Academy of Medicine, Member German National Academy of Sciences (Leopoldina), published more than 250 original peer reviewed research papers.

BRIGGS, William, Statistician with specialty in evaluating the goodness and usefulness of models.

BRIGHAM, Ben M., B.S. Geophysics, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1983.

BROERE, Ir. Adriaan, Geophysicist and Climate Researcher. (NETHERLANDS).
BROOKS, Scott, Electronic-Electromechanical Engineering, Albuquerque, NM.

BRUMM, Douglas B, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Professor of Electrical Engineering (Emeritus), Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan; Life Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

BUFALO, David J, B.S. Civil Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1966; Licensed Professional Engineer in Missouri and Colorado.  Retired major, U.S Army Corps of Engineers.  Forty years experience in the engineering design and construction of civil infrastructure projects and building construction projects including four years of arctic experience in constructing  projects on permafrost.

BURDETT, William R., B.A. Mathematics, Univ. of South Florida, Ph.D.-level studies in particle physics at Vanderbilt Univ., conducted geophysical research for the U.S. Navy, helped bring the computer revolution to Wall Street, retired as e-Government Architect for the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

BUTOS, Wiliam N, George M. Ferris Professor of Corporation Finance & Investments Department of Economics, Trinity College, Hartford, CT 06106.

BUTTLER, William Tillman. PhD physicist currently employed at LANL, area of research is Materials Science, Applied physics. Thesis was in an area of atmospheric physics. Postdoc in quantum physics with applications.  Studied physics at the University of Texas at Austin. Runs hydrodynamics codes.

CAMPBELL, Mark L, Professor, United States Naval Academy, PhD, Chemical Physics.

CAMPANELLA, Angelo, Ph.D., Physics and Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University,  55+ year experience in infrared physics, military electronics, and applied physics.

CARLIN, Alan, PhD Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; BS, Physics, California Institute of Technology; senior analyst and manager, USEPA, 1971-2010; author or co-author of about 40 publications;  author of Environmentalism Gone Mad: How a Sierra Club Activist and Senior EPA Analyst Discovered a Radical Green Energy Fantasy, 2015, Stairway Press.

CASEY, Jeffrey A, Ph.D.   Plasma Physics, 1985.  President, Rockfield Research Inc., Las Vegas, NV.

CATANESE, Carmen, M.S., Ph.D. in physics (Yale University), Retired Exec. VP, The Sarnoff Corp (SRI), Author of 12 peer-reviewed articles in science and engineering, Holder of 12 issued US patents.

CHAPAS, Jorge David, MSc Environmental economics. Executive director of Red de Amigos de la Naturaleza (Rana), Guatemala, Central America. Professor of the Master of Environmental Economics of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín. (GUATEMALA)

CHOI, Yong-Sang, Ph.D., assistant professor, Ewha Womans University, deputy director, Center for Climate/Environment Change Prediction Research, author of many papers in climate and atmospheric science. (SOUTH KOREA)

CHRISTENSEN, Charles R., PhD Chemistry, California Institute of Technology. Retired Research Physicist, U.S. Army Missile Command. Seven Patents and numerous journal publications in optics and optical materials.

CLOUGH, Charles A, M.S., Atmospheric Science, Founder and Chief of the US Army Atmospheric Effects Team (now retired), Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Professional Member, American Meteorological Society.

COHEN, Roger W, Fellow, American Physical Society.

COLEMAN, John, BS, University of Illinois, Former Professional Member of the American Meteorological Society, Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year (1982) of the American Meteorological Society, Founder of “The Weather Channel”, original Meteorologist on ABC “Good Morning, America”, TV Meteorologist for 61 years on stations in New York, Chicago, San Diego, etc.

CONDON, William F., Ph.D., Electroanalytical Chemistry, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry (analytical and environmental), Southern Connecticut State University.

COX, John W., PhD Chemical Physics (Johns Hopkins University, 1983) and National Academy of Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow (Naval Research Laboratory, 1983-85).

COX, Ricky, M.S. Geosciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, 1982.

CRANBERG, Alex. MBA Stanford University; BS Petroleum Engineering.  Member, Board of Regents, University of Texas System.

CRENWELGE, Otto E., PhD, PE; Principal Senior Engineer – Barrios Technology/Jacobs/NASA - JSC Structural Loads and Dynamics.  Previous experience: Consultant - Sound & Vibration Engineering (petrochemical, mining, academia), Staff Research Engineer – Shell Development Co., teaching/research professorships at Texas A&M and Northern Arizona universities.

CROWE, Donald R,  B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida; licensed Professional Engineer (P.E., Florida); Consulting Construction Executive; over 40 years’ experience in construction, product engineering, manufacturing, and information technology.

CUNNINGHAM, Walter; MS Degree in Physics; Physicist, RAND Corp; Astronaut, Apollo 7; Founder, Earth Awareness Foundation, 1970; Advisory Board, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (5 years); Writer and Lecturer on the global warming issue.

CURTIS, Marjorie, B.Sc. 1st class Honours in Geology 1959. Diploma in Micropalaeontology, University College, London, 1960. Ph D, London University of London, 1964.  Since then I have worked in research applied to finding oil and mineral deposits, and lectured about Climate Change to many classes over the years.

D’ALEO, Joseph, AMS Fellow, CCM, Chair of Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, Former Professor of Meteorology/Climatology, Lyndon State College, Co-founder the Weather Channel, Chief Meteorologist, WSI, Weatherbell Analytics.

D’ALONZO, Raphael P, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Retired - the Procter & Gamble Company, former Department Head, Data Management.

DEARS, Donn, BS United States Merchant Marine Academy. Engineer and retired senior executive GE Company, with worldwide experience with energy issues. Author of Nothing to Fear and over 600 articles on energy issues.

DE LANGE, Willem. DPhil, Senior Lecturer, School of Science, University of Waikato. Contributor to IPCC, NIPCC and New Zealand Government Climate Assessment reports in relation to coastal hazards and sea level rise. (NEW ZEALAND)

DELLEVIGNE,  Paul - BA Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania; MBA in Finance and International Business, New York University; former research biochemist in protein chemistry and enzymology, software entrepreneur, currently consultant in tax software implementation.

DE LONG, James V., J.D., Harvard Law School, mcl; former Research Director of the Administrative Conference of the United States; former Senior Analyst, Program Evaluation Office, U.S. Bureau of the Budget; author of numerous articles on administrative law, regulatory, and environmental issues, including Climate Issues and Facts (Marshall Institute, 2015), A Skeptical Look at the Carbon Tax (Marshall Institute 2013), and Out of Bounds and Out of Control: Regulatory Enforcement at the EPA (Cato Institute 2002).
DE VRIES, Geert F,  Pr Sci Nat, M Nuc I (London), M SFEN (Paris), EmM SAIP, M EPS, M DPG, MSc(Physics) Pretoria. (SOUTH AFRICA)

DEYE, James A, PhD, Nuclear Physics, retired medical physicist and program director in radiation research, National Cancer Institute.

DOIRON, Harold H, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Vice President, Engineering
(retired) InDyne, Inc. Houston, Texas, Chairman, The Right Climate Stuff Research Team of retired NASA Apollo Program scientists and engineers.  Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

DOMENECH, The Honorable Douglas W.  Former Secretary of Natural Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia.  Former Deputy Chief of Staff U.S. Department of the Interior.  B.S.F. Forestry and Wildlife Management, Virginia Tech.

DONZE, Terry W., BS Geological Engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology, 40+ year career as a geophysicist, majority independently, with ten years of climate studies. Author, Climate Realism: Alarmism Exposed.

DOOGUE, James W, Economist and Financial Analyst, Statistical analysis a speciality. Past Director and Chairman of Practitioners, Financial Planning Association of Australia, Life Member FPA, CFP, MEcon, B Econ & Finance, Grad Dip FP.  (AUSTRALIA)

DOSKOCIL, Albert C, Jr; retired Raytheon Senior Engineer.

DOUGLASS, David, Professor of Physics, University of Rochester.

DOYLE, Jeffrey M, PhD Resource Economics Michigan State University, President, Thermoeconomics

DRALLOS, Paul J, PhD Theoretical Atomic Physics, Wayne State University, Detroit.  Past president of Plasma Dynamics Corporation.  More than thirty years experience in particle, fluid and plasma simulations.

DRIESSEN, Aert, BSc (Geology) Sydney University, 1960, BEc Australian National University, 1980, Grad. Dip. Information systems, University of Canberra 1990, Fellow Australian Institute of Geoscientists. (AUSTRALIA)

DRIESSEN, Paul K: BA, geology and ecology, Lawrence University; JD, environmental and natural resource law, University of Denver; author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power - Black Death, Miracle Molecule: Carbon Dioxide, Gas of Life, and other books; author of many articles and reports on energy, mining, climate change, sustainable development, malaria control and other topics; senior policy analyst, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Congress of Racial Equality.

DROZ, John Jr.  Physicist. Energy expert with over 35 years of environmental advocacy.

DUFFY, William T. Jr., Ph.D., Member American Physical Society, Professor of Physics Emeritus, Santa Clara University.

DUKE, Charles M., BS US Naval Academy, MS Aeronautics MIT, Brigadier General USAF (retired), Graduate and Instructor USAF Test Pilot School, NASA Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot, Member: Air Force Association, Society of Experimental Test Pilots, South Carolina Hall of Fame.

DUNN, John Dale,  MD JD, Policy advisor Heartland Institute, Chicago, IL, and American Council on Science and Health, New York City, Civilian Faculty, Emergency Medicine, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, Fort Hood, Texas, Clinical Instructor, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland.  Lecturer and writer on human health effects of air pollution and climate as well as environmental law and air pollution science for 25 years.

EASTERBROOK, Don: Professor Emeritus of Geology at Western Washington University. He has studied global climate change for five decades, has written three textbooks and a dozen other books, published more than 185 papers in professional journals, and has presented 30 research papers at international meetings in 15 countries.

ENDRIZ,  John Endriz,  BS. (Engineering, MIT), PhD (Eng., Stanford, U), Retired VP, SDL, Inc.

ENSTROM, James E., PhD, Physics; MPH, Epidemiology; Research Professor/Researcher (retired), UCLA School of Public Health, and President, Scientific Integrity Institute, Los Angeles; Life Member, American Physical Society; Founding Fellow, American College of Epidemiology; extensive scientific expertise on health effects of air pollution. 

ESSEX, Christopher, PhD, Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, The University of Western Ontario, co author of the book Taken by Storm. (CANADA)

EVANS, David M.W., climate researcher for  ScienceSpeak.com. Instrumental in building the carbon accounting system Australia uses to estimate carbon changes in its biosphere, for the Australian Greenhouse Office. Six university degrees related to modeling and applied mathematics over ten years, including a PhD from Stanford University. (AUSTRALIA)

EVERETT, Bruce, Faculty Tufts University’s Fletcher School, over forty years of experience in the international energy industry.

EVERETT, Robert, Electrical Engineer, Retired President of the MITRE Corporation.

FAGAN, Matthew J, PhD, B.Sc(Hons) Nuclear Physics.   Founder and president of FastCAM Inc.  with 17 robotic technology patents and published patent applications in the US.

FAJARDO, Mario E., Ph.D. Chemistry, U. of California, Irvine; B.S. Chemistry, California Institute of Technology.  Principal Research Chemist, USAF Research Laboratory.   Lead- and co-author of 50+ peer-reviewed publications on condensed phase chemical reaction photodynamics, cryogenic matrix isolation spectroscopy, high-resolution molecular spectroscopy in quantum solids, and advanced energetic materials research. 

FORBES, Vivian R, BScApp, FAusIMM, geologist, financial analyst, company director, founder of the Carbon Sense Coalition, author of many articles on carbon, climate and energy, winner of the Adam Smith Award (Australia) and Author of Freedom (Germany). (AUSTRALIA)

FORBING, Irv, PhD in oral surgery,  MS in bacteriology, College of Physicians and  Surgeons in San Francisco.

FORREST. Mike, geophysicist, Exploration Consultant, retired Shell Oil Company.

FRANK, Neil, Ph.D., meteorology, Florida State University, Former Director National Hurricane Center and former Chief Meteorologist KHOU TV, CBS Houston. member, American Meteorological Society.

FRANK, Patrick, Ph.D. Chemistry, Stanford University. More than 60 peer-reviewed publications, including several assessing uncertainty in the surface air temperature record and in climate model air temperature projections.

FRIEDMAN, Peter D,, Ph.D., P.E, Retired Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

FRICKE, Martin Ph.D.: Nuclear physicist; Senior Fellow of the APS; elected to the APS Executive Panel on Public Affairs (POPA); nuclear physics research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory;  Corporate Officer of seven R&D companies; Extraordinary Minister of Catholic Diocese of San Diego.

FULKS, Gordon J, PhD Physics, The Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research at the University of Chicago.  Five decades of experience studying physical, astrophysical,and geophysical phenomena for universities, government agencies, and private clients.

GAMBLIN, Rodger L, Former VP Mead Corporation.  Inventor. Author or coauthor on 46 U.S. patents.

GAMOTA, George Ph.D.: Physics; former professor University of Michigan, Fellow of the APS; Fellow of the AAAS; Senior Member of the IEEE; elected to the APS Executive Panel on Public Affairs (POPA); Founding Director of Research, Department of Defense; Corporate Board member and Executive at several R&D companies; former Bedford Chief Scientist MITRE Corporation.

GERHARD, Lee  C, PhD., Senior Scientist Emeritus, Univ. of Kansas, Director and State Geologist, Kansas Geological Survey (Ret.), meteorology background.  Extensive published research in both geology and  climate change. Honorary member, American Association of  Petroleum Geologists,  Association of American State Geologists and others.  Member Russian Academy of Natural Science (US Br.), Kansas Geologist license #1.  Former Getty Professor of Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines.

GERLACH, Ulrich H., PhD Relativistic Astrophysics, Princeton University, Professor of Mathematics, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

GERONDEAU, Christian, engineer and scientist, graduated from  ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE in PARIS, an energy expert, the author of many  books on climate matters, two of them available in English: "CLIMATE,THE GREAT DELUSION "  and  " UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE LIARS". (FRANCE)

GIAEVER, Ivar, Applied BioPhysics, Inc., Nobel Prize in Physics,  1973.

GIOVANIELLI, Damon, former Physics Division Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and former President of Sumner Associates, a scientific consulting company in Santa Fe, NM.

GLATZLE, Albrecht, Agro-Biologist, Dr. sc. agr. (Hohenheim University, Germany), Director of Research of INTTAS (retired), Loma Plata Paraguay Asociación Rural del Paraguay (ARP), Society of Range Management, US Grassland Society of Southern Africa, Fellow of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia  (GERMANY/PARAGUAY)
GOSSELIN, Pierre, Mechanical Engineering, author of the blog, http://notrickszone.com/#sthash.PhRMBOBJ.dpbs.  (GERMANY)

GOLDBERG, Dr. Fred, Swedish Polar Institute (AB).  (SWEDEN)

GOREHAM, Steve, MSEE/MBA, Executive Director Climate Science Coalition of America, author of two books, researcher, speaker.

GOULD, Laurence I, Professor of Physics, University of Hartford, Past Chair (2004), New England Section of the American Physical Society.

GRAY, Vincent,  Ph D, Editor of New Zealand Climate Truth Newsletter. (NEW ZEALAND)

GRAY, William M., Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University (1961-present). Ph.D. Meteorology from U. Chicago.  Tropical meteorology specialist - initiated Atlantic seasonal hurricane prediction.

GREEN, James Craig, BS Mechanical Engineering, U. New Mexico, hydrologist U.S. Air Force in February of 1969, Captain, US Air taught courses to Air Force officers in orbital mechanics, spacecraft subsystems, ground-to-satellite control systems & operations and other space sciences.

GREEN, Kesten C., Ph.D., forecasting researcher at University of South Australia. Lead author of the journal articles “Global warming: Forecasts by scientists versus scientific forecasts” (2007), “Validity of climate change forecasting for public policy decision making” (2009), and the book chapter “Forecasting global climate change” in Climate Change: The Facts 2014 among other works on the topic of climate forecasting and policy. (AUSTRALIA)

GREGORI, Giovanni P,  Associate” of the Royal Astronomical Society; Honorary Member of the Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft e. V., Arbeitskreis Geschichte der Geophysik; retired from CNR (Italian National Research Council), author of two books and of a few hundred papers on international peer reviewed journals. Topics: Galaxy - Sun - Earth relations; fundamental gnoseology in theoretical physics; applications of acoustic emission to environment, climate, and security (holder of an international patent).  (ITALY).

GREGORY, William D., PhD, PE, Registered Patent Agent (US); BS(physics) Georgetown University; PhD(physics), MIT; Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Health Sciences, and former Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Senior Member IE,EE, Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi; author on 100+ peer reviewed articles, inventor on 100+ US and foreign patents; currently Chair of the Board and Chief Science Officer, NovaScan LLC, developer of cancer detection devices.
GRIFFIN, Gerald D, former Director of the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Lead Flight Director for three lunar landing missions: Apollo's 12, 15 and 17, Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the American Astronautical Society.

HAAPALA, Kenneth A. President, Science and Environmental Policy Project, Quantitative Economist. Under government contract, correctly identified deficiencies in Federal Energy Models predicting the world would run out of oil and the US out of natural gas by the end of the 20th century. Identified similar deficiencies in global climate models. Past President, Philosophical Society of Washington.

HACKEN, George, PhD (Physics) Senior Director, Safety-Critical Systems MTA/New York City Transit, Affiliations: Sigma Xi, New York Academy of Sciences, American Physical Society, American Mathematical Society, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Association of Computing Machinery.

HAMEED, Sultan,Professor, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University.

HANCOCK, Lucy,  Consultant, Weather and Climate Services.

HAPPER, William, PhD, Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics (emeritus) at Princeton University, former Director of the Office of Energy Research Director of Research, U.S. Department of Energy, Member National Academy of Sciences.

HAPPS, John. D.Phil. Geosciences; retired academic.

HARDE, Hermann, Professor of Physics (emeritus) at Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg, Germany, specialized in laser physics, spectroscopy and gas sensors, former Vice President of the University.

HARRISON, Thomas, BS Mathematics, with Physics and Computer Science, Dartmouth College. Owner of TS4, electronics and computing design and consulting. Webmaster for Global Warming Realists.

HARSH,  Eugene S, M.S., Meteorology, Lt Col (Ret) US Air Force, Member American Geophysical Union, Life Member IEEE, Member Association for Computing Machinery.

HARTNETT WHITE, Kathleen, Distinguished Senior Fellow Texas Public Policy Foundation. Former Chairman of Texas Commission on Environment and former Officer of multiple Commissions on water, energy and environmental policies.

HAVAS, Magda, PhD.  Pollution Ecologist and Environmental Toxicologist, Trent University. (CANADA)
HAYDEN, Howard C, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Connecticut.  Editor and Publisher, The Energy Advocate, now in 20th year of publication.

HAYES, Dennis B, PhD,  Research Physicist Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories, President, Lockheed Martin Nevada Technologies, Inc.  (retired) Fellow APS.

HENDL, Richard G., PhD Meteorology (MIT, 1974), MS Astrogeophysics (U Colorado, 1968), BS Meteorology (Penn St U, 1963), Chief Scientist Emeritus, Geophysics Directorate, Air Force Space Technology Center.

HENNIGAN,Thomas D,  Environmental and Forest Biology, Associate Professor of Biology, Truett-McConnell College, Cleveland, Georgia, Ecological Society of America.

HESS, Michael L, BS Computer Information Systems, Raytheon Senior Field Engineer, Retired, U. S. Army, CW3, Retired, Florida State University.

HIGGINBOTHAM, Richard, DoD Retiree, Past Member of the Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council's Environmental Regulatory Committee MBA form American Graduate University, Covina, CA.

HO, Chang-Hoi, Ph.D., Professor, Seoul National University, Author of many papers in climate and atmospheric sciences. (SOUTH KOREA)

HOLLANDER, Jack M., PhD Nuclear Chemistry, University of California Berkeley, Professor Emeritus of Energy and Resources, Univ of Calif. Berkeley. Vice-President for Research Emeritus, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

HOLLIDAY, George H, : PhD, University of Houston, Civil Engineering. PE, Board Certified Environmental Engineer, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Life Fellow.  Previously Environmental Engineering Advisor to Shell Oil Co. Production Department. (Retired)  Author or coauthor of books regarding USA Environmental Regulations, Safety and Soil Remediation. Currently prepare an weekly Newsletter discussing Climate Change.

HOLTRUP, Dr. Jan F. Holtrop, Emeritus Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Technological University Delft (TUD). (NETHERLANDS)

HONG YAN, Dr. (晏宏), Professor, Vice director of State Key laboratory of Loess and Quaternary Geology, Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Science, Xi' an, Shaanxi Province. (CHINA)

HOOVER, Erik, BS Petroleum Engineering, Texas A & M University, 1988.

HOPSON, Kevin S P.G., Vice President/Sr. Scientist, Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc., Hydrology, Engineering, Geosciences

HOVLAND, Martin, professor emeritus, Center for Geobiology, University of Bergen, Norway. Member of the Environmental Pollution Prevention and Safety Panel, International Ocean Discovery Programme. (NORWAY)

HUCKANS, John H., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics, Laser Cooling and Trapping, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

HUGHES, Terence J., Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change, University of Maine. A half-century career studying the interaction of global climate with continental ice sheets, past, present, and future, focused on inherent instabilities in ice sheets that facilitate their rapid gravitational collapse.

HUMLUM, Ole, Professor of Physical Geography, Physical Geography, Institute of Geosciences, University of Oslo. (NORWAY)

HURLEY, Stephen, M.S. Geology, University of Arkansas, 1975.

IDSO, Craig: Founder and Chairman of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change,  Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Geophysical Union, and the American Meteorological Society.

JACOBS, Albert F, Geol.Drs., P.Geo., Co-founder, Friends of Science Society, Calgary. (CANADA)

JELBRING, Hans, MSc, Electronics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.
BSc, Meteorology, University of Stockholm, PhD, Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics, University of Stockholm, Title of thesis: Wind Controlled Climate
Technical head of a radar station during military service, CEO, Inventex Aqua AB. (SWEDEN)

JENSEN, Dennis, PhD Monash (Materials Science). (AUSTRALIA)

JOHNSON, W. Reed, Professor Emeritus, Nuclear Engineering, University of Virginia. Former member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Board, Fellow, American Nuclear Society.

JOONDEPH, Brian C, MD, MPS, FACS - Retina Surgeon, Denver, CO and Writer. Member of American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Society of Retina Specialists, Macula Society, Retina Society, American College of Surgeons.

KAIJSER Sten, professor emeritus of mathematics, Uppsala University. (SWEDEN)

KAIJSER, Thomas, professor emeritus of applied mathematics, Linköping University. (SWEDEN)

KAISER, Klaus L.E., Dr. rer. nat. (Technical University Munich, Germany), Research Scientist (retired), Natl. Water Research Institute.  Author/coauthor of numerous scientific papers, author of numerous popular public press articles, author/editor of several books. (CANADA)

KALMANOVICH, Norman, Professional Geophysicist, Alberta. (CANADA).

KAPLAN, Alexander E,  Professor, PhD, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University; Max Born Award (Optical Society of America) 2005; Senior Alexander von Humboldt Award (von Humboldt Foundation) 1996; Fellow OSA,  laser physics, nonlinear and quantum optics, USA.

KARAJAS, John, retired geologist, specialist stratigrapher and sedimentologist who, as a result has gained a wide-ranging understanding of the geological history of planet earth and its climatic history.

KARLÉN, Wibjörn, Professor emeritus, My major concern since the late 1950s has been changes in the climate. I have worked with glaciers, lacustine sediments, treelimit, tree-rings etc. I have conducted work in Scandinavia, the Arctic (e.g. Svalbard), Africa, New Gunea, and Antarctica. (SWEDEN)

KARRAS, Thomas W, Ph.D. UCLA, B.S. U. of Chicago.  Retired Fellow Lockheed Martin/GE.  Fifty years technical, programmatic and management experience in Space Systems, Propulsion, Remote Sensing and Communications.

KAUFMAN, John,  Retired, Faculty of Cornell University 1973-191976 & Michigan State University 1976-1981, Research Agronomist.

KAUPPINEN, Jyrki, PhD in Physics, University of Oulu, Finland, Professor of Physics (emeritus), University of Turku, Finland, research activities : IR-spectroscopy, interferometry, gas sensors, and climate change. (FINLAND).

KEEN, Richard A., Ph.D. Climatology/Geography, University of Colorado, Emeritus Instructor of Atmospheric Science, University of Colorado, Author of 7 books and numerous reports and scientific papers on Climate and Meteorology.  NWS climate change,  Observer for Monsanto (retired as Science Fellow) 1981-2002 & Agrium 2003-2007.

KENDRICK, Hugh, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, University  of Michigan; former Director, Plans & Analysis, Office of Nuclear Reactor Research, US.DOE; retired VP SAIC.

KHANDEKAR, Madhav, PhD,  Former Research Scientist Environment Canada Expert Reviewer IPCC 2007 Climate Change Documents, Lead Author on EW (extreme weather) Chapter in NIPCC 'Climate Change Reconsidered II" 2013 (Physical Science) Pub. by Heartland Institute Chicago USA (INDIA and CANADA)

KEMM, Dr Kelvin, CEO: Nuclear Africa. (SOUTH AFRICA).

KIMOTO, Kyoji, Climate science researcher revealing basic mathematical errors in the AGW theory of the IPCC (JAPAN).

KININMONTH, William,  MS MAdmin: Retired former head of Australia’s National Climate Centre; member of the WMO Commission for Climatology; author of Climate Change: A Natural Hazard (2004), (AUSTRALIA).

KNOX, Robert S, Ph. D., Physics and Optics, U. of Rochester,1953.Professor of Physics Emeritus, U.of Rochester, fellow, American Physical Society; charter member, American Society for Photobiology.

KOLDEWYN, William A, PhD Physics Wesleyan University (1976)
retired Aerospace physicist (Ball Aerospace)

KRAMM, Gerhard, Dr. rer. nat.(Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany), Research Associate Professor of Meteorology (retired), author and co-author of numerous papers on meteorology and textbook co-author.(GERMANY)

KVALHEIM, Olav M, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Bergen, Norway, Primary competence: Multivariate modelling and data analysis. Norwegian Research Council Prize for outstanding use of Research and several other awards also from U.S. organizations. (NORWAY)

KYLE, Gary S., Ph.D. Physics, University of Minnesota. Professor and Head of the Physics Department at New Mexico State University (retired). Research field: High Energy Nuclear Physics.

LABOHM, Hans H.J, independent economist without affiliation. Former dpt.
 Head of the Planning Staff of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign
 Affairs, former dpt. Permanent Representative of The Netherlands to the
 OECD. Author specialised in climate issues. Lead author of: Man-Made
 Global Warming: Unralleving a Dogma.

LANDER, Richard L. Ph.D., Fellow American Physical Society. Emeritus Professor University of California at Davis.

LANGNER, Carl G, PhD, Retired senior staff engineer for Shell E&P Technology Co, author or co-author of 31 patents along with numerous industry papers, member NAE.

LAPOINT, Patricia A, Ph.D. Professor of Management, Author of several articles on wind energy.

LEDGER, John Alexander, PhD, Associate Professor of Energy Studies, University of Johannesburg; Visiting Associate Professor, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. (SOUTH AFRICA)

LEGATES, David R, Ph.D., Climatology, U of Delaware, 1988, Professor, University of Delaware, Member:  AMS.

LEHR, Jay Ph.D. Science Director, The Heartland Institute, author or co-author of 35 science books relating to water, energy and the environment.

LE PAIR, Dr. Cornelis , KONL, Former director of FOM, the Netherlands Research Organization of Physics and former director of STW, the Netherlands Technology Foundation. Ex member of the Netherlands General Energy Council and of the Defence Research Council. (NETHERLANDS).

LESSER, Jonathan A, PhD, President, Continental Economics, Inc. Sandia Park, NM.

LESTER, David H, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, retired consultant in Environmental Analysis and Nuclear Technology, former Asst. Vice-President SAIC, San Diego, CA, Currently Chairman of the Board of Go-Nuclear.

LEVINE, Robert E., PhD, Physics, University of Pennsylvania, 1970

LIMBURG, Dipl.-Ing Michael, Vice President, European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), (GERMANY)

LINDL, John, Fellow of AAAS and Fellow of the APS. Recipient of the 2007 Maxwell Prize from the APS

LINDSTROM, Richard E., Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Thermodynamics of Phase Changes, Professor Emeritus, University of Connecticut

LINDZEN, Richard: emeritus, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Member of National Academy of Sciences, author of numerous papers on climate and meteorology
LIPMAN, Everett, Associate Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara.

LIPPINCOTT, William, PhD Genetics UCSD, Environmental Consultant.

LIVERMORE, Martin, BA (Oxon) Chemistry; Director, Scientific Alliance, supporting evidence-based policymaking on environmental issues. (UNITED KINGDOM)

LLOYD, Prof Philip, PhD, Professor of environmental chemical engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand, Senior research fellow and Professor at the Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town. (SOUTH AFRICA)

LONGHURST Alan.  Retired oceanographer. (Ph.D. Univ. London, 1969).  Director, NOAA/NMFS SW Fishery Center, La Jolla, Ca. (1967-1971), Director-General, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada (1979-1987). (CANADA)

LUEDECKE, Horst-Joachim, Professor (retired) of physics, University of applied sciences, Saarbrücken. (GERMANY)

LYNCH, William T, IEEE Fellow, Former Director at Semiconductor Research Corporation, Former Dept. Head of VLSI Device Technology at Bell Laboratories, Former member of the U.S. Nuclear Emergency Team #1, and a nuclear and radiation effects specialist.

LUPO, Anthony R, Professor, Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri.

LYTLE, Farrel W, Fellow APS and NAAS.

MACDONALD, James, M.S. Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Retired Chief meteorologist, Travelers Research Center Weather Service, Hartford, CT. 35 years weather forecasting experience. 

MACDOUGALD, Harry W, Partner, Caldwell Propst & DeLoach, LLP, Atlanta, GA.

MADARASZ, Frank Ph.D., Condense Matter Theoretical Physics, Retired Research Professor University of Alabama in Huntsville, former Scientific Advisor Taiwan-AFOSR Nano Science Initiative, and Project Scientist for International Space Station experiment.

MALKAN, Matthew, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA.  He received his PhD in Astronomy from Caltech. He is the lead author or co-author of over 350 peer-reviewed articles.

MANGINO, Martin J, Ph.D., Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Research Director, VCU Trauma Center, President, Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment (VA-SEEE), Richmond.

MANNHEIMER, Wallace, PhD,  Fellow of APS and IEEE, retired as a senior scientist at the US Naval Research Laboratory and is now a consultant, worked on fusion and other areas of plasma science.  For the past 20 years he has advocated the fusion project switch to fusion breeding (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10894-015-0055-9) and has attempted to compare assertions of harm from climate change with actual data (https://www.ijeas.org/download_data/IJEAS0212036.pdf).  The latter concludes there is little evidence of any environmental catastrophe.

MANNS, Francis T, Ph.D., Geoscientist, Principal, Artesian Geological Research, 323 Blantyre Avenue, Toronto, M1N 2S6, Canada (CANADA)
MANUEL, Oliver K, Emeritus Professor, University of Missouri, Former NASA Principal Investigator for Apollo, PhD - Nuclear Chemistry, Postdoc - Space Physics, Fulbright  -  Astrophysics.

MARKO, Pr. Dr. István E, Organic, organometallic and medicinal chemist, Université catholique de Louvain, Laboratoire de Chimie Organique et Médicinale, Institut IMCN, Unité MOST, More than 250 peer-reviewed articles, over 400 lectures worldwide, 2 books. (BELGIUM)

MAROHASY,Dr Jennifer, Senior Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne. (AUSTRALIA)

MARSH, James A, Professor of Immunology (emeritus), Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University.

MARTINIS, John, Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara.

MCCALL, Gene, Ph. D., former chief scientist of Air Force Space Command and former chair of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board.

MCCLELLAND, Thomas, Ph.D., Vice President Advanced Development, Frequency Electronics, Inc.

MCDAVID, A. Dax, Master of Arts, Petroleum Geology, University of Texas, Austin, TX.

MCLEAN, John, Ph. D candidate James Cook University, writing dissertation on the accuracy of temperature data; Author of four peer-reviewed papers on climate including one that addresses the "pause"; Most prolific Expert Reviewer of IPCC 5AR WGI second order draft.
MEDLOCK, Patrick, BS Geology, University of Kansas, 1982 and MS Oklahoma State University, 1984.

MILLER, Dennis D,  Ph.D, Professor of Economics, Holder of the Endowed Buckhorn Chair in Economics, Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, Ohio.

MILLOY, Steven j, MHS (Biostatistics), JD, LLM. Founder & publisher,JunkScience.com.

MISCOLCZI, F. M., PhD, Astrophysics, Earth Sciences, Former NASA Senior Principal Scientist. Foreign Associate Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

MITCHELL, Dennis M. -Certified Public Accountant( Louisiana) and Qualified Environmental Professional( IPEP), Honorary Lifetime Member International Air & Waste Management  Association.

MOERNER, Nils-Axel, Ph.D. in geology, Head of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics at Stockholm University (1991-2005). Founder of the Independent Committee on Geoethics. Author of hundreds of peer reviewed papers. (SWEDEN)

MONCKTON, Christopher, The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Former special advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. (UNITED KINGDOM)

MONROE, Christopher, Distinguished Professor of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

MOORE David S., Ph. D. Physical Chemistry University of Wisconsin, Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow, American Physical Society Fellow, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow.

MOORE, JOHN H., Ph.D. Economics, University of Virginia; Deputy Director, National Science Foundation, 1985-1989; President, Sigma Xi, 1998-1999; President, Grove City College, 1996-2003.

MOORE, Patrick, Ph.D., Co-founder and 15-year Director of Greenpeace, B.Sc. (Honors) Biology and Forestry, Ph.D. Ecology, Co-Chair US Clean and Safe Energy Coalition 2006-2012, Chair for Ecology, Energy, and Prosperity of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy 2015. Director, CO2 Coalition. (CANADA)

MORTEN HANSEN, Jens; sea-level specialist; state geologist at The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, adj. professor at Copenhagen University; previously director general of the Danish Research Agency, Danish Research Councils and National Committees on Science Ethics. (DENMARK)

MOSER, Thomas L., B.S, M.S. and Ph.D studies , Mechanical Engineering; NASA Deputy. Associate Administrator and Space Station Program Director;  Director or Engineering - NASA Johnson Space Center; Vice President – Constellations Services International, Analytical Services and Fairchild Space; Fellow American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Distinguished Graduate, University of Texas College of Engineering, Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas).

MOTHERSHEAD, James, BS Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, 1983, MBA Business Administration SMU, Dallas, 1989, MS Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 2000.

NACHMAN, Paul,  PhD, Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago [1978], Affiliate Research Professor of Physics at Montana State University, co-author [with Vaclav Smil and Thomas V. Long II] of Energy Analysis in Agriculture: An Application to U.S. Corn Production, life member of Optical Society of America and of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

NAGEL, Mechthild, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies at the State University of New York, College at Cortland, has written on ethical issues of water rights in South Africa.

NEBERT, Daniel W:  BA (chemistry), MS (biophysics), MD (board-qualified in both pediatrics and human genetics). After 20+ years of genetics research at National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD), was Professor 20+ years at University Cincinnati Medical Center and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (OH), More than 640 scientific publications, many national and international awards.

NEWTON, Michael Newton,PhD, Professor Emeritus, Forest Ecology, Oregon State University.

NICHOLS, Rodney, former President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Academy of Sciences; Scholar-in-Residence at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Executive Vice President of The Rockefeller University, R&D manager Office of the Secretary of Defense.

NIKOLOV, Ned, Ph.D., Physical Scientist (with expertise in atmosphere-ecosystem interactions, vegetation remote sensing, fire-weather forecasting and climate dynamics), USDA Forest Service.

NORDIN, Ingemar, Professor  Linköpings  Local coordinator for the EUMundus PhD program http://www.phoenix-jdp.eu/ Bloggansvarig: http://www.klimatupplysningen.se/   (SWEDEN)

NOVA, Jo,   science writer with 600,000 readers per annum. Winner Best Topical Blog, 2015;  Lifetime Achievement, Bloggies, 2014; Finalist, Best Science & Tech Blog 2013. Author of The Skeptics Handbook. Former Assoc lecturer in Science Communication (ANU). (AUSTRALIA)

NUSGEN, Dr. Ursula, MSc MRCPCH FRCPath, (the MSc relates to Tropical Pediatrics) Consultant Microbiologist, Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. (IRELAND)

O’KEEFE, William O’Keefe, President, Solutions Consulting, former CEO George C Marshall Institute, and Executive Vice President, American Petroleum Institute.

OLLIER, Cliff, D.Sc. Bristol. Emeritus Professor. Geologist. Author of books and many papers, especially on glaciation, sea level and carbon dioxide. (AUSTRALIA)

OLLILA, Antero V., Dr.Tech, Adj. Ass. Professor (Emeritus) Aalto University, nine peer-reviewed research papers on the climate change. (FINLAND).

OPLAS, Bienvenido, Jr, President, Minimal Government Thinkers, Inc., Manila, Philippines, Fellow, South East Asia Network for Development, Columnist, BusinessWorld, My Cup of Liberty. (PHILIPPINES)

ORIENT, Jane, M, M.D., physician, managing editor, Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, clinical lecturer in medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine.

OSBORN, Jeffery BM, BS Geology, University of Kansas, Petroleum Engineer, Memberships in American Association of Petroleum Geologists for 34 years, and in other scientific societies.

PAGE, Norman J PhD ( University of Illinois 1961) Retired, see Climate blog at   http://climatesense-norpag.blogspot.com.

PARISH, Trueman, PhD Chemical Engineering retired former Director of Engineering Research, Eastman Chemical Company.

PARKER, Dr. Albert, Scientist, Bundoora. (AUSTRALIA).

PARMA, Edward, BS Geology, Texas A & M University, 1983.

PARR, Albert C, PhD Retired Chief of Optical Technology Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA.

PAYNE, Franklin Ed, M.D. Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Family, Medicine (Retired), Georgia Regents University, Augusta, GA.
PEACOCK, James M, Mechanical Engineer, Systems Project Engineer, USAF R&D and NASA Johnson Space Center, Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Programs. Charter member of The Right Climate Stuff Research Team of retired NASA Apollo Program scientists and engineers.

PERRY, Charles A, PhD, Hydrologist and Solar Physicist, formerly of USGS (retired).

PINAULT, Jean-Louis, PhD, oceanographer. (FRANCE)

PLIMER, Ian PhD, FGS, FTSE, FAIMM, Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne (Australia). Co-editor of Encyclopedia of Geology, author of Heaven and Earth (2009), How to get expelled from school (2011),  Not for greens (2014) and Heaven and Hell (2015). (AUSTRALIA)

POST, Richard S, PhD Plasma Physics, Columbia University; Fellow, American Physical Society; Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Senior Scientist, MIT Plasma Fusion and Science Center, Head Mirror Confinement Division; CEO and co-founder Applied Science and Technology, Inc.; CEO and founder NEXX Systems, Inc. 

POSTMA, Joseph E, MSc Astrophysics, Calibrations Manager for the Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope – Canadian Space Agency.  (CANADA)
PROMBOIN, Ronald L., Ph.D. (Economics), Stanford University, Former professor of Finance and Economics, University of Maryland University College.

PRUD’HOMME, Rémy, Harvard Law School, PhD economics Un. of Paris, Formerly Deputy-Director Environment Directorate OECD, Prof emeritus Univ of Paris, Visiting Professor MIT, Most recent book: Warmism as an Ideology – Soft
Science, Hard Doctrine. (FRANCE)

PURCELL, Patrick, MB BS, Commonwealth Medical Officer 1982 -1987 Medical Officer (pharmacovigilance) in Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration 1987 – 2010.  (AUSTRALIA)

QUENEAU, Paul B,  Adjunct Professor, Colorado School of Mines; Principal Metallurgical Engineer and President, The Bear Group, PB Queneau & Associates Inc.

QUIRK, Thomas W. D.Phil. Nuclear physicist and former Fellow of three
Oxford Colleges. Published papers on methane, ocean changes, wind power, nuclear fuel cycle and psychology, behavioural economics and climate
Change.  (AUSTRALIA)

RIGANATI, John P., PhD Electrical Engineering, retired Vice President Sarnoff Corporation, former member Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, cofounder The Journal of Supercomputing & IEEE Computation in  Science and Engineering, 70 publications.

RITTAUD Benoît, Ph.D: mathematics, Paris-13 university, Sorbonne-Paris-Cité, associate professor, essayist. Most recent book: The Exponential Fear (La Peur exponentielle, Paris, PUF, 2015).  (FRANCE).

ROBERTSON, Stanley, PhD, PE, Emeritus Prof, Physics, Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

ROBINSON, Art, PhD, Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.

RÖRSCH, Prof (em) Dr Arthur, Former vice president of the Netherlands Organization for Applied research (TNO). (NETHERLAND)

ROGERS, Norman: founder of Rabbit Semiconductor Company, member of the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society.

ROLLER, Perrin R., P.E. Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas, Louisiana, California) Principal – Upstream Forensics, LLC,  The Woodlands, Texas, BSc, Geological Engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology.

ROMBOUGH, Charles T, Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, Founder and President of CTR Technical Services, Inc., a nuclear consulting firm, Manitou Springs, Colorado.

RULE, Donald W., Ph. D., Physics, University of Connecticut, retired Research Physicist, 37 years with the Department of the Navy, member of Phi Beta Kappa, the American Physical Society, and the Philosophical Society of Washington.

RUST, James H, PhD, Professor of nuclear engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (retired), Atlanta, Georgia.

RUTAN, Burt, aerospace engineer, designer of Voyager and SpaceShipOne.

RYAN, Judy, PhD Epidemiology, Australian National University.

SALBY, Murry: Professor (ret) University of Colorado, Macquarie University, visiting positions at National Center for Atmospheric Research, Princeton University, Stockholm University, CNRS/University of Paris, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,Australian Bureau of Meteorology; author of books and numerous papers on the atmosphere and climate. (AUSTRALIA)

SALONIUS, Peter: retired Natural Resources Canada Research Scientist, author or co-author of about 30 publications. (CANADA)

SAUER, Richard L, MS Sanitary Engineering, Un of Cal, Berkeley. Retired NASA, manned spacecraft life support systems engineer involving research, development and operations. Over 50 publications and five patents.  NASA Inventor of the Year '94.

SCAFETTA, Nicola, Ph.D, Professor of Oceanography and Atmospheric Science, University of Naples Federico II, Italy, Former research scientist of Physics at Duke University. 87 Publications in complex systems and climate change. (ITALY)

SCHMITT, Harrison, Geologist, Astronaut, Former U.S. Senator, Former Chair NASA Advisory Council.

SHANAHAN, John A. Dr. Ing., President of Go Nuclear, Inc. and Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy USA.

SHAVIV, Nir J, Professor of Physics, Chairman, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  (ISRAEL)

SHAW, Donald F, BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Civil Engineering, over 50 years experience in the energy sector including fossil fuels, biofuels, and CO2 capture, retired Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers including participation on ASME Code Committee.

SHEAHEN, Thomas P, B.S. and Ph.D. in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research career in energy sciences, including Demand-Side Management (Energy Conservation); author of book, Introduction to High-Temperature Superconductivity; measured infrared absorption by CO2 and H2O.

SHOENFELD, Peter, PhD, Univ.of Maryland,1974, Retired consutant & enviro.advocate.

SINGER, S. Fred, PhD. Emeritus Prof of Envir Sciences, U of VA. Founding director,  US Weather Satellite Service; former Vice Chm, Nat'l Advis Comm
on Oceans and Atmosphere.  Fellow, AAAS, AGU, APS, AIAA.  Founding chm of NIPCC. Co-author of NYT best-seller Unstoppable Global Warming.  

SOLHEIM Jan-Erik, professor (em.) University of Tromso, Norway Astrophysicist, Sun-Earth climate. (NORWAY)

SOON, Willie, PhD,  Scientist.

SPENCER, Roy W, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, University of Alabama in Huntsville.

STEWARD, H. Leighton: Geologist, environmentalists, and Chairman of Plants Need CO2 (plantsneedco2.org).

STILBS, Peter, PhD, FRSC, Professor Emeritus of Physical Chemistry, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.  Author of 180+ peer-reviewed publications.  (SWEDEN)

SUCKEWER, Szymon, PhD in Physics, Professor at Princeton University,
Co-Director of Program in Plasma Science and Technology, Fellow of American
Physical Society, Fellow of Optical Society of America, 2007 Recipient of Arthur
Schawlow Award of American Physical Society.            

SUNDELIN, Ronald, PhD, Governor’s Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus at Virginia Tech, retired Associate Director for Technical Performance at the Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, and Fellow of the American Physical Society.

SVENSMARK, Henrik, Professor, Danish National Space Institute,Technical University of Denmark.  (DENMARK)

TATTERSALL, Roger, BA(hons) Hist/Phil Science R. Eng, Proprietor: Tallbloke’s Talkshop, voted best European blog 2012 & 2014; Top 5 finalist: Best science blog 2013 bloggi.es. (UNITED KINGDOM)

TAYLOR, George, Ph.D. Computer Science, U.C. Berkeley.

TESDORF, Nicholas, B.Arch.(Hons) Architecture, Architect, F.R.A.I.A. A.R.I.B.A., Sydney NSW / London England , University of Melbourne. (AUSTRALIA)

THOMPSON, David E., PhD Mechanical Engineering, Professor and Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering, the University of Idaho.  Published Design Analysis, Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Systems (Cambridge Press, 1988).

TIPLER, Frank J, Professor of Mathematical Physics, Tulane University.

TRIMBLE, Stanley W, Emeritus Professor, UCLA.  Over the past 42 years, author, coauthor, or editor of 9 books on environmental issues in water  including ENVIRONMENTAL HYDROLOGY (2013, 2015) and THE ENCYLOPEDIA OF WATER SCIENCE (2007), plus about 100 scientific papers, many published in SCIENCE.

VALENTINE, Brian G, US Department of Energy, Associate Professor of Engineering ,University of Maryland at College Park.

VAN LOON, Harry, PhD, Meteorology and Climatology, formerly of NCAR.

VARENHOLT, Fritz, Ph.D., Professor of the University of Hamburg, Department pf Chemistry, former Senator of the State of Hamburg, Germany, author of the Book, The neglected sun, CEO of the German Wildlife Foundation.  (GERMANY)

VELASCO  HERRERA, Victor Manuel, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Institute of Geophysics, Space Science.  (MEXICO)

VITERITO, Arthur, Ph. D. Professor of Geography, College of Southern Maryland. Member of the Association of American Geographers, the International Association for Urban Climate, and the National Association of Scholars.

WACHEL; Johnny C, BSME, MSME U. Texas, San Antonio, Texas.

WALIN, Gösta, Professor emeritus in oceanography and docent in theoretical physics. Publications in geophysical fluid dynamics and oceanography. (SWEDEN)

WALLACE, Hunter, BS Petroleum Engineering, Texas A & M, 2012.

WALLACE, Lance, PhD Astrophysics, 100 publications, mostly on human exposure to environmental pollutants, founding member of  International Society of Exposure Science and International Society for Indoor Air and Climate (ISIAQ),  member of AAAS and AAAR.

WALTERS, William B., Ph. D., Professor, Division of Atmospheric, Nuclear, and Environmental Chemistry, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland; American Chemical Society Research Award in Nuclear Chemistry, 2001, Guggenheim Fellow, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University 1987.

WARD. Fred, BS, MS, Phd meteorology, MIT 1952, Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, Co-founder of WSI Corporation, WNAC-TV meteorologist.

WEBER, Matt, BS Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 2004.

WEINSTEIN, Leonard, ScD, Aerospace Engineering, B.Sc Physics. Former NASA Senior Research Scientist and former Senior Research Fellow, National Institute of Aerospace, retired after 51 years research. Associate fellow AIAA, Recipient of AIAA Engineer of the year, and numerous other awards.

WERNER, Samuel A, Curators’ Professor of Physics Emeritus, University of Missouri and Guest Researcher, Neutron Physics Group, NIST, Fellow APS, AAAS, NSSA.

WEST, John, Retired Physicist, APS Fellow. 40 years and ~200  publications in research in Atomic and Molecular physics using synchrotron radiation, with emphasis on processes in the Earth’s ionosphere. (UNITED KINGDOM)

WHITE, Willard W., Ph.D., Physics, Independent Consultant for Atmospheric and Space Physics (retired), former Division Director at Mission Research Corporation.

WHITSETT, Bob, Ph.D., geophysicist, ret. Former Special Projects Manager, CGG American Services.

WILSON,Lawrence A, Diplomas of Applied Science, and Chemical Engineering (Swinburne Inst), Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) (Univ. of Melbourne). Stanford University Alumnus (SEP 1975). (AUSTRALIA)

WOLFE, Danley B., PhD - Chemical Engineering (Ohio State University, tau beta pi), MBA - University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (beta gamma sigma); energy and chemicals research and business management; management consultant, President - Chem Energy Advisors.

WOLFF, George, T, Ph.D. Environmental Sciences, M.S. Meteorology, B.S. Chemical Engineering, Former Chair EPA's Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, author of numerous papers on air quality and meteorology.

WOLFRAM, Thomas, physicist, former Chairman of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri-Columbia, Fellow of the American Physical Society, and retired Director of Division of Physical Technology, Amoco Corporation.

WOOD, Peter, President, National Association of Scholars.

WOODCOCK, Gerald Woodcock, MBA.  30 years in managerial and professional positions at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State.  Consultant to the nuclear industry.  Author, "Hanford and Public Health: No Cause for Alarm," Gonzaga Law Review, Vol 31 #1, 1995/1996.  Recipient, American Nuclear Society Presidential Citation, and Public Communication and Information awards.

WYSMULLER, Thomas, (NASA Ret.)  2013 “Water Day” chair, UNESCO-IHE (Delft, NL);  2015 "Sea-Level presenter" at http://www.waterconf.org  (Varna, Bulgaria); 2016 Sea-Level chair at Symmetrion, (Vienna, Austria), Founding member, NASA TRCS Climate Group, Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX).
WYSS, Yim DSc Quaternary scientist, Honorary Advisor (Science), Association for Geoconservation Hong Kong Retired Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Hong Kong. (CHINA)

YOUNG, Gary A, BS, MS Mechanical Engineering, MBA’s Production, Finance, Securities analysis. Past CEO of OnLine Power Supply Co (sold), General Manager of Hewlett Packard Co Technology Centers. Retired Navy submarine force Captain. Technical expertise includes nuclear power, device physics, photo lithography.

YOUNG, S. Stanley, PhD, Statistics and Genetics, CEO of CGStat, Adjunct Professor of Statistics, North Carolina State University, University of British Columbia and University of Waterloo, Fellow of American Statistical Association and AAAS, 3 patents; over 60 papers; six “best paper” awards.

ZYBACH, Bob, PhD, Environmental Sciences, Historical ecologist with long-term research focus on Pacific Northwest catastrophic wildfires and reforestation history, more than 200 popular articles, editorials, presentations, reports and media interviews.