About Michael Waters


Ladybird Music was launched as an independent music label by Michael Waters in 2005, to bring his music into the public arena. The label has grown to include other like-minded musicians in several projects and recordings.

2006 Radio Interview with Michael

Michael was born in 1954 and raised in a remote logging and fishing community in the coastal forest of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There was no road, no telephone or television, no churches or restaurants. But there was ocean, forest and sky, and all the birds, animals and fish in them. This immersion in nature is without a doubt the foundation of the music he is playing.

At twenty years old Michael chose to avoid approaching music as a proffesion, sensing that the struggle to earn a living with music could create a negative relationship with the art, and he had other alternatives. He has since had twelve careers in a very broad range of activities, from forestry to farming to stock trading to computer repair (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) to owning a family communications firm - 

During the ten years he spent travelling he adapted an obscure and very old European spiritual tradition into his playing - an approach absent in the West for centuries, but still alive in Oriental cultures, where even today you can join a thousand year old trradition of approaching music as a spritual tradition.

It was not unusual in this practice that 20 years passed before he found his first two compositions, and then watched another thirteen years before finally reaching an approach to composition which somehow was always authentic. This has resulted in an unbroken wave of composing since October 2004.

Michael credits the methods he learned on the way as mainly through his work with Alexandro Jodorowski in his twenties, and Guillermo Arevalo in his fifties.

"It is like arriving at the sea after so many years following the river downstream."

In 2005 Michael chose to begin performing publicly. He has since self- produced over 150 performances, mostly in Western canada, but also in New York, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Kampalla, as he tries to play wherever he travels.

He has recorded 4 solo and 4 collaborative recordings, choosing to work with other musicians for whom their spiritual connection to music is their primary connection.

Travelling, 1972 - 1982
(Mexico, Europe, Africa)
Married in Paris, 1983
(Louvre in background)
Family, 1998
(30 years of growth)
With same guitar, 2014
(Yamaki, paid $90 used)

"The experience I went through that brought me the Medicine Path compositions has also completely changed my experience of public performance, so thankfully this is now a joy to do. I have also been immensly touched by the response I receive from the next generations, and see their interest as a prime motivator.

The guitarists who have reached me the most are Leo Kottke, John McLaughlin, John Renbourn and Mike Oldfield.

The musicians who have been my navigational stars are Mozart, Atahualpa Yupanqui and Guillermo Arevalo. Blessings to them all...

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