Two monks were very fond
of smoking, but became concerned it might interefere with their spiritual growth, so they decided to ask their Abbot.

A few days later they meet. One monk is very happy, but the other looks quite concerned.

The happy monk says 'What happened, you look upset...'

'Well,' the monk replied' I made my appointment, went in and sat down. The Abbot came in and sat down, and I said 'Holy Father, is it acceptable if I smoke while I am praying?"

"He said I understood nothing, and couldn't see him again for six months! But, you look quite happy, did you not go see him?"

"Oh yes", said the other monk, "I made my appointment, went in and sat down. The Abbott came in and sat down, and I said 'Holy father, is it acceptable if I pray while I'm smoking?"




It is about two years since I finished the Medicine Path newsletters, in order to build the teaching website "Opening the Creative Floodgates".

I will now pick it up again, with these issues, now dedicated towards things we can do to move ourselves forward with whatever creative art we have become engaged with.

For example:
Have a look at the video here. It is a skit from the TV series Just For Laughs:Gags.

Now consider the process the writer(s) must have gone through in creating this scenario and pulling it off. It is so over the top in so many ways, that the word that comes most to my mind is courage. Without a fearless heart this theatre piece would never have made it past the lips.

For the actors pulling it off, its not the same challenge, as they have a script to follow, and their creativity is in the interpretation and nuance. But for the writer, who likely knew it was a fine line between disaster and genius to bring about the ultimate thrill of deliverance for the unsuspecting mark... this just feels like artistic courage

What can one do to increase access to this kind of courage?

A critical first ingredient is respect. By acknowledging the degree of courage required to create at this level, one can cultivate a genuine respect for what one is attempting. Because it is based on a truth, rather than wishful thinking, this respect is actually not that hard to ibecome comfortable with. It needs no outside verification, rather a clear sense of how difficult it is to actually reach this level of abandonment, and a respect for the fact that one has set ones eyes that high.




The very first person in my Meet a Master series has spent five years to achieve his next recording.

By his own description, as Pierre gets older, his music gets 'more complex'. That he can do this without it getting more obscure or inaccesible is an aspect of mastery.

he draws on his own experience and interprets it though an increasingly nuanced and faceted style, never leaving his own sound.

A worthwhile listen:

Pierre Bensusan: Interview about Vividly

Visit Pierre's website
Recordings Underway!  

After year's delay - I had to get the finances in place - I have just returned from the studio where I recorded the music for my next two solo CD releases.

I expect the first - Acoustic Psychedelic Chill - to be available by April, and the second - The Farmer's Cathedral - to be released in December/January. For this who have pre-purchased these recordings, I will make the download version available as soon as it is ready, with the printed copy to follow.

Also in the studio to record, our Nomad tour put down the tracks for a Nomad II CD - still some post-production to do, but we expect to have it this summer.

Happy 2011 to you and yours!