"Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change.
Free of pain, free of the obligations of life
and death.

But change is law and no amount of pretending will alter that reality."


Another season of unending change..

You may occassionaly encounter someone in the process of a spiritual crisis. Often they will be in their twenties or early thirties. The awareness of the complexity of life becomes overwhelming. Or of the depth of suffering in the world, or the intractable corruption among the powerful, or sometimes just their own ignorance in the face of infinity, all these make everyday life seem impossible.

When I went through this, it was five years of my early twenties, and I was completely convinced I had finished the last of my carefree days (the teenage years). I worried about what the check-out clerk thought of me when I bought groceries. I seemed unable to get anything just right. It eventually evolved.

I believe now that this process is beneficial to all who go through it. The awareness of life's and one's own imperfections cannot be stuffed back into the void, but it can be accepted (without loosing one's soul!) This approach allow's for one's own faults to be seen as rooms for improvement rather than chambers of execution.

The coming season
I have two big projects this fall - I am organizing a benefit concert on November 17 for the Mary Manning Centre, a Victoria oganization working with child victims of sexual abuse. Kinobe will join me again, along with Victoria singer/composer Georgia Murray, and Vancouver's C. Diab. Two weeks later I will team up with cellist Allannah Dow and our new friend Alcivin Ryuzen Ramos for three shows, venues TBA. Hope to see you at one of them!

Another change of unending seasons...
best to you and yours,

Michael Waters


Free MP3 Track

You may remember the recording we made during the tour with Kinobe and Gina Sala. We finally have the mastered copy, and will release the CD this fall. here is a free track!

Twa Ma La Mu Sa



Open your
Creative Floodgates

Here is my program on creativity - 16 videos of the exercises and techniques that were vital to me.

The flute and singing style of traditional shakuhachi music can take you off guard by its flow between stillness and tension. After playing with Alcivin following a show this Spring I knew I wanted to expand on the encounter (see Dreams, Wood and Lightning below).

Here is an example of the serenity
and the tension
and Alcivin's website

Hope you can make our show this Winter!

SEPTEMBER 15 - Saltspring Island House Concert


NOVEMBER 17 - Victoria Benefit for the Mary Manning Center


NOV 29 - DEC 3 - Vancouver - Dreams, Wood and Lightning
(Cello, Guitar & Shakahachi Flute)