I usually try to write about issues involving some kind of philosophical approach ( the wolves keeping the caribou healthy!) but this time its about one of the most practical of things - how we manage our society. I agree with Churchill that democracy is 'the worst form of government except for all the alternatives'. I see it as a system where we have collectively set up a system where one horse (party) is always pulling the cart while the other rests up in the barn. As soon as the horse in charge gets too tired (or lazy) we bring in the fresh one. Repeat. For this reason I always support the person before the party.

Right now I am helping Jessica Van Der Veen in her work to be a representative in our BC legistature, and the Nov 17th benefit concert for the Mary Manning centre was her choice of charity - she is stepping down as Co-Chair after five years. If you're in Victoria, come to the show, and if your in the riding, consider voting for somone who would do this worst of jobs as well as it can possibly be done. :-)

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

~Winston Churchill


Michael Waters



Free Yoga Nidra Track

We are in the final stages of production, and will launch a collaborative recording of three guided meditation in the traditional Yoga Nidra style. Michelle Rubin, a 30-year practitioner and teacher, leads the way through your (reposed) body, allowing you to relax, set intentions and cultivate gratitude. Hear the 10-minute track here:

Savasana Dream



I have FOUR main events this fall!

NOVEMBER 17 - Victoria Benefit for the Mary Manning Center

Oak Bay United Church, 7:30pm

NOVEMBER 22 - 24 - NOMAD shows on Vancouver Island

November 22 - Duncan, Duncan Garage Showroom - 8pm
November 23 - Courtenay, Sherab Chamma Ling Centre - 8pm
November 24 - Victoria, House Concert - 8pm (reservation required)

NOVEMBER 25 - Yoga Nidra CD Launch and Benefit in Victoria
(Guided Meditations with Music)

MokSana Yoga Studio, 1:30pm

NOVEMBER 29 - DECEMBER 1 - Dreams, Wood and Lightning
(Cello, Guitar & Shakahachi Flute)

November 29 - Victoria, Merlin's Sun House Theatre - 8 pm
November 30 - Gabriola Island, Gabriola Theatre Centre - 7:30 pm
December 1 - Vancouver, St Mark's Anglican Church - 7:30 pm

Hope to see you at them!