"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

~Winstin Churchill

You may have noticed (or not!) I have no shows planned for this Spring, with the exception of the Victoria evening below. This is beacause I am focusing all my spare time on helping a candidate - Jessica Van der Veen - for the upcoming provincial election.

For me politics are about people, not parties, and anytime I meet someone as sane and energetic as Jessica, and they are prepared to take on maybe the most thankless task in existence, I want to help them. This is because I support pluralistic democracy, and we need all the good people we can get in our government. So I am very busy with the whole planning and campaign system involved in trying to convey to the people in my riding that she deserves their support. She is running as an NDP candidate.

As a devoted non-cynic, I do this with the same joy as anything else. Drop me a line if you want to know anything more, her official website is here.

Michael Waters




The Yoga Nidra CD!

Three beautiful Yoga meditations - a 10 minute, a 20 minute and a 40 minute - led by a master teacher. Lay back, relax, set intentions, cultivate gratitude, and fly deep with the music....


On Friday March 22 I will play a show in the Martin Bachelor Gallery in downtown Victoria. This is to support the art installation of my good friend Sylvie Rochette. Her work is very textured, with bronze, wood, paper and zen-like spaces and themes. Sylvie's website is here, directions to the Gallery are here.

It's a free show (donations are good), so bring a friend (and a cushion if you like to lay back), and voyage beyond the cares of the world into the artist's inspiration and the creator's universe.

Wood, Dreams and Lightning
- Guitar, Cello & Shakuhachi Flute
Planned for May 22 - 25

Music by the Sea Festival at Bamfield - Michael Waters
Planned for July 6 - 14

World Spirit Fest, Vancouver - Michael Waters
August 24 - 25

My home in the forest...