From Witter Bynner's translation of the
Tao Te Ching

Knowledge studies others, Wisdom is self-known;

Muscle masters brothers, Self mastery is bone;

Content need never borrow,
Ambition wanders blind:

Vitality cleaves to the marrow
Leaving death behind.

Michael Waters


Morningstar Summer Solstice Festival

June 21, 22
2770 168th St, Surrey BC

Mini-workshops, yoga, meditation, mediums, musicians, artists, vendors,healing from many healers and teachers.

All profits will benefit this summer's Sundance.

Michael Waters performance at 6pm on Saturday.

Tickets include everything and are $50 advance and $60 at the door.

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Call Laurie at 604 531 5156 or email to reserve

Besides being born and dying, the other most significant transition a person experiences is the shift from being a youth to an adult. My youngest of three children is finishing this process now, and having worked with youth through Rediscovery and other organizations, I have found that all cultures retain their understanding of this process through story and symbol. Here are two of my favorite takes on the subject.

Peter Pan is a children's story, but it retains the traditional wisdom of what confronts youth becoming adults. I always tell twenty-somethings (willing to listen) that they will notice in their later twenties that suddenly some of their friends start saying things like "kids these days..." and other general put-downs about youth. I advise that when this first happens they should give their friend a shake and remind them that so shortly ago, they both knew for certain that any adult who spoke like that was totally out to lunch. All teenagers can detect this hidden form of patronizing, and they correctly suspect it as some kind of sell out or surrender.

But the power of the challenges that confront youth - the tragedies in the world,the injustice, and the clear realization that they cannot change it all, this weighs heavy, and at some point many give up and start to adopt these more cynical stances of adulthood. That is to say, they have been faced with the choice to become Pirates or Lost Boys... Pirates have the security of knowing exactly where they are (under Cap'n Hook's reign) but Lost Boys do not have this false certainty, and so retain their youthful imagination and joy, and the prospect that things may still work out...

The Hopi have a specific ritual during the traditional rites of passage that re-positions the inner referrence to authority. When a child is born, the parents hold the baby up to the rising sun and declare " Here is your child, Grandfather, we will look after him/her." Years later, during the rites of passage, the youth are told that their parents are not their real parents, but rather were chosen to look after them while they needed looking after. Now that they are to become adults, they must become familiar with their real moher and father, the earth and the sky...

This inner work is not always fully accomplished, and you will meet people who at fifty years old are still looking for approval from an inner image of their parents, looking for answers that will never come...

So what will it be? A Pirate under Hook, or a Lost Boy under the earth and sky!


I first heard the deep beauty of Ayub's music while working for BeadforLife, a very successful poverty eradication project in Uganda.

His voice and melodies carry a great sorrow and hope at the same time.

The piece linked under his picture has been sung by choirs all over the world - including one where Kinobe and I performed.

Listen to Ayub's most known song


Saturday evening, June 22nd at Laurie Cornel's Sundance fundraiser
House concert - 2770 168th St, Surrey BC - Click here For details
Call Laurie at 604 531 5156 or email to reserve

Music by the Sea - Bamfield

July 6 - 14 - the 'performance residency' that is Music by the Sea, bringing together classical and jazz musicians for 10 concerts and events. I will play in a few shows, check the concert programme closer to the time for exact details. This is an amazing event, well worth the travel to the gorgeous west coast!