You never know which small thread of events can grow into a massive movement. Greenpeace had 14 people in a small church basement, Facebook had a grudge contest for the hottest girl, Hollyhock had a ring in a bucket during a folk song...

I met with a similar crew last week - the founding energies behind the first World SpiritFest, slated for Vancouver on August 24 and 25. Focused on honouring the spiritual approach to music and life, it is a mix of grassroots community and artists who have devoted decades towards authentic compassionate expression.

This is the first such festival I have heard about in Canada, and I am very much looking forward to being with such a great collection of deep musicians, many of whom I know well. The festival is limited to 340 tickets, and they are going to offer a 50% early bird discount in July - so if you are interested, make sure you like their facebook page and get on their list!

This should be the highlight of a great summer!

Vancouver, August 24 - 25
Join me at the inaugural...



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Michael Waters



Meet a Master:
Sarah Lee & Jeff Dotson

The presentation of light and motion in their filming is of the highest level. Have a look at the teaser for their latest project here.

If you are looking for more astounding human/movement filming, there is no better compiler than Zapatou (Luc Bergeron) - this collection contains 187 visual sources in the same vein, linked under the video...