One day in a blizzard I
noticed how comfortable
my grandfather was, in spite of the freezing cold we were walking through. "Why doesn't the cold bother you, grandfather?",
I asked.

He stopped
and thought
for a moment
then said

"Because it's real."

Tom Brown Jr
- The Tracker

Move towards the blessedness, Luke!

To be truly blessed is to feel blessed in both company and solitude
To be blessed is to feel blessed
To feel blessed one must be able to bless
To be able to bless one must find something in the world that is worth blessing, and start there.

Nomad Tour adds second show in Victoria

Kinobe and I will will play our final of five shows at Michelle Anderson's great Yoga Studio on Capital Heights. It will be Sunday, May 20 , doors at 6:30 You can reserve here or by emailing me.

Come if you cannot make the Friday Victoria show and still want to voyage with a master African Roots and World Music sensation!!!!

~ Duncan ~ Saltspring Island ~ Victoria ~ Vancouver ~ Victoria2

Michael Waters



Free preview track:

'The Little Teacher' from the upcoming CD
The Farmer's Cathedral

In 2005 I was scheduled to play a short tour with Kike to raise awarenes of the Amazonian medicine work in BC. A month before he arrived a composition arose that I knew was about him, and he turned up with one that had arrived to him in a dream " in the key of D, which I nener play in", he said. - I was only composing in the key of D at the time!

Kike has founded the Cusco Museum of Indigenous Instruments - and personally collected and learned to play over 400 instruments now preserved within it. One dream I have had since we met is to organize a Nomad tour with Kike as part of it.

Listen to Kike
Yoga Meditation CD with Michelle Anderson, an Instructor of Yoga with 28 years of practice. Planned for rRelease in Summer 2012, the CD will have three guided meditations in the traditional 'Yoga Nidra' practice. Samples coming soon!