"The trick is in what
one emphasizes.
We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy.
The amount of work is the same"

~Carlos Castaneda


Michael Waters


Kampala, Uganda in 2006

Archival Files:
This recording of Big Dave was made as Kinobe and I took our instruments together for the first time.

Big Dave

I was in Uganda working on a poverty eradication project and found Kinobe on the web before travelling.

What is the most important element to being creative? I say it is the ability to know you are a mystery.

Normal social life requires, of course, that you carry on as if you know exactly who you are. Shopping would be impossible otherwise. The problem then becomes, if no attention is cultivated to life outside of the social matrix, one may actually become convinced that this convention is the only reality. And that is how creativity withers.

Think of it this way; creativity is the ability to transform, to make something new out of the existing status quo. The more certain one is of exactly what the status quo is, the more resistance one creates against changing it. The certainty that you are not a person who has creative genius is a definite obstacle to creating anything, let alone master works... The only exception to this is if one becomes certain that the status quo (you) is undefined. This does not make you a brilliant creator, but it does remove the most important and difficult barrier to discovery - finding new patterns becomes kind of effortless. This is why retreats, vision quests, deep introspection and pushing the edges of normality are all part of an artist's search.

How to make this existential abyss part of daily life without it becoming an undesirable chaos? I guess you have to learn to love chaos. That is where all the good stuff comes from, after all. :-)


Special Video production concert - $10!

Kinobe and I will be creating a pro-level video demo at the beautiful Philip T. Young Recital Hall. We will be joined by the fantastic Victoria Percussion Orchestra.
Please join us for a great evening of roots, rhythm and far, far horizons!

Philip T. Young Recital Hall July 21, 8PM