Rough sketches and loose recordings

Farmers Cathedral Music (unreleased)

G for Goddess

Named after the conclusion that Mother Nature is a Goddess with a capital G, not a small g... A genuine Goddess is not troubled, and especially not pushed around by people and their doings.

Her power is so complete that the idea she can be harmed is truly delusional.

~G for Goddess - 5:22~

The Farmers Cathedral

In January 2007 I was playing the above song, G for Goddess - one of the two pieces I composed after 20 years - when suddenly it made it clear to me that it was going to "unfold" the same way that Earthgate had 'unfolded' into all the Medicine Path music in Dm9th. At this point I understood that these two songs, Earthgate and G for Goddess were like seeds that had incubated for over a decade and now were sprouting...

A year later in January 2012 this composition began, and finished in June. This recording is very rough, but contains the composition. It had its first public performance in Watshan Lake, BC on May 31.

Cathedrals are usually the realm of city folk. But anyone who has been a farmer and been caught in the glory of their earth and sky knows they live in the cathedral every day.

~ The Farmers Cathedral - 16:39 ~


The Solo Genie

Triggered by the meeting of Kinobe and I with Gina Sala This composition started in September 2009, with this rough sketch being posted in January 2010. This is the version of the composition written for vocals by Kinobe and Gina, hopefully to be performed in March 2010.

 ~ The Solo Genie - vocal version ~


Kinobe studies ( now a duo called NOMAD)

Bigger Dave with Kinobe

While in Kampala I met with this very young Kora master - at 22 he had visited every country in Africa, played with Ali Farka Toure and Taj Mahal, and taught African music at Universities in Europe and America. His site - - is here. We quickly saw that we are headed in the same direction. Up went the recording studio, and the below MP3 is a raw recording of our first notes together - Bigger Dave.

Bigger Dave with Kinobi - 5:44


I Think its in Tune 

When we first set up to record Kinobe (six mikes) he proceeded to unleash this small opus, then leaned over his Kora and muttered "OK, I think its in tune..."
Tuning Kora - 3:37


recording Bigger Dave


This is a study for a piece Kinobe and I are working on. I wrote it in Paris last August a few days before we were to meet, and then plans changed...

Nomad - 5:08 


The Bridge

This is a study for a song with vocals, thinking of Kinobe and Gina Sala...

The Bridge - 3:33


Kinobe on stage
Acoustic Psychedelic Chill
The Lake of Sand

This will be the first song on the CD. It is a piece I play live with a Loop Station, so I can record the first movement (4 min) and then play over it. The MP3 study here is of the second part, with two tracks, recorded live in my living room. This piece is now seven months old, and finally starting to show the maturity that reveals its strengths. Kinobe was flying above the African desert, and sent me a message of listening to the Medicine Path while looking at a lake of sand...

The Lake of Sand - 4:20

Anaconda King

This is the first composition from the second wave of music, very different source than the Medicine Path, which began in the summer of 2005. This second wave is called Acoustic Psychedelic Chill, and this composition will be on the next CD.

Anaconda King - 5:29

Velvet Letters 1

This was composed after speaking with an acomplished writer about something completely unrelated. This file was recorded on first playing, so I suspect it will evolve into a more elaborate piece.

Velvet Letters - 5:00

Velvet Letters 3

The third movement of this suite. I do a loop section for the middle piece (Velvet Letters 2) . This has now become a solid part of my second set.

Velvet Letters 3 - 5:55

The Bells The Bells

Probably as 'stoned' an approach as I am likely to take - its not improvisation, rather, chaos carries the form. Pretty much a piece more suitable for Live shows :-).

The Bells The Bells - 2:28 

Iris Blooms

A year after the Mediicine Path completed, I was playing and suddenly recognized a phrase as coming from that pool of inspiration - it's like recognizing an accent - and so knew that there was more to come. This is a sketch of the introduction, resonating with my daughter, Iris.

Iris - 7:32

Iris Blooms 2

This suite turns out to contain both Medicine Path and Psychedelic Chill movements. Interesting. Here is one of the studies for the dance movement, very basic and rough... but cool and smooth at the same time :-)

Iris2 - 2:35 

Iris Blooms 3

I am in the final stage of completing this suite, and will perform it for the first time at Hollyhock, Cortes Island on August 4th. It still has months to go to season and get tight, but the vision is now there.

Iris3 - 1:59

Mind Bandits

This is now clearly a full suite in three movements, the first that is all Psychedelic Chill. It is inspired by two people, Rainer Scheurenbrand and Caton Diab. They are both likely to steal your mind! This is also the concluding composition to the Acoustic Psychedelic Chill wave that began with Anaconda King in 2005.

Mind Bandits Open sketch 1:45 ... Mind Bandits Close sketch- 5:27


Song of the Source 

The initial phrases for a longer suite started in Fall 2010. This piece describes my own pathway, so I am curious to see how it finishes!



Recent sketches
- two movements, awaiting a middle bar or double middle bar
- Baseline, then joined by accompaniment. needs middle or second part
- Slow ballad, compelling drive, great crescendo capacity
- Groove and accompaniement, could work with smooth jazz vocal
Really in infancy, yet clearly headed for a composition.
- two parts, currently developing counter rhythm
Three parts, slightly different basline groove