Collected Poems and Wisdom


The mystery is not made clear
by repeating the question
Nor is it bought by going to amazing places
Until you have kept
your eyes and your wants
Still for forty years
You do not begin
to cross over from confusion

~ Rumi

"I have noticed that people
often treat fatalism as something
morbid, as though one were
condemned to an unpleasant end.

I, on the other hand, have come
to understand that to accept
one's destiny is to face life with
open eyes, and to not
accept one's destiny is to
face death blindfolded.

~ Lao Tsu

"You know, we all want to be
up there, surrounded by
the Golden Light.

But it's a long trip.

So it becomes very important to
start to develop a daily discipline,
to help you on your way there."

~ Guillermo Arevalo
Shipibo curandero

"I was in my house, calm and quiet,
Without worrying about anything.
Suddenly I heard a knock on the door...
Who is coming to play with me?

I went to see who it was,
and I did not see anyone there.
Only the wind blowing through the trees
the rooster sings...
the world turns...

~ Capoeira Meistre Bimba

“Until one is committed
there is hesitating, the
chance to draw back, always
ineffectiveness. Concerning all
acts of initiative and creation,
there is one elementary
truth, the ignorance of
which kills countless ideas and
splendid plans. That the moment
one definitely commits oneself,
Providence moves, too.
All sorts of things occur to help
one that would never otherwise
have occurred. A whole
stream of events issues from
the decision, raising in one’s
favor all manner of unforeseen
incidents and meetings
and material assistance which
no man could have dreamed
would have come his way.”

~ Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

Remember that not getting
what one wants
sometimes turns out
to be a great stroke of fortune...


If the love within
your mind is lost
and you see other beings
as enemies, then no matter
how much knowledge or
education or material comfort
you have, only suffering
and confusion will ensue

~The Dalai Lama

Yellow butterflies,
Over the blossoming virgin corn,
With pollen-painted faces
Chase one another in brilliant throng.
Blue butterflies,
Over the blossoming virgin beans,
With pollen-painted faces
Chase one another in brilliant streams.
Over the blossoming corn,
Over the virgin corn,
Wild bees hum;
Over the blossoming beans,
Over the virgin beans,
Wild bees hum.
Over your field of growing corn
All day shall hang the thunder-cloud;
Over your field of growing corn
All day shall come the rushing rain.

~Hopi Corn Planting Song

“If you continue with this
simple practice every day,
you will obtain some wonderful power.

before you attain it,
it is something wonderful,
but after you attain it,
it is nothing special.
~ Shunryu Suziki

“Life will continually prove to you
that you are not in charge.

At the same time it will continually
put you in situations where
you either make a choice or die. you the impression
that you are in control.

Kabir saw this for fifteen minutes,
and it made him
a servant for a lifetime.


The clear bead at the centre
changes everything...
There are no edges
to my loving now.
It is said that there is a window
through which souls
can communicate
But if there are no walls,
What need for a window....
or fitting the latch?

~- Rumi

I do not agree with the poet
who declared that nobility of mind
is a difficult burden to bear.

To attain nobility of mind
is very difficult
but once attained
it is effortless.

~ Socrates

"And so I urge you, go after
experience rather than knowledge.

On account of pride, knowledge
may often deceive you, but this
gentle, loving affection will not
deceive you. Knowledge tends to
breed conceit, but love builds.
Knowledge is full of labor,
but love, full of rest."

Anonymous 14th century monk
from ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’

Two Buddhist monks, one young and
one quite old, were walking along
a road when they passed a small
statue of the Buddha.

As they passed by, the old monk
leaned over and spat on the statue.
Further down the road, the young
monk could hold back no longer.
"How could you spit on the
Buddha?", he protested.

The old man responded;
"You show me where the Buddha
is not, so that I might spit there...

~ Old proverb

Anyone who thinks they can
put finger to string
Withou accounting for
all of life's challenges
will, sooner or later
come to understand
the error of their judgement,

~ Anonymous musician

Once the realization is
accepted that even between
the closest human beings
infinite distances continue,
a wonderful living
side by side can grow,
if they succeed in loving
the distance
between them
which makes
it possible
for each to see
the other
whole against the sky.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke
Knowledge studies others
Wisdom is self-known
Muscle masters brothers
Self-mastery is bone
Content, need never borrow
Ambition wanders blind
Vitality cleaves to the marrow
Leaving death behind

~ Lao Tsu
“The ultimate act of service
is to acknowledge and honor
the integrity of another being as
they, like us, pass through
the beauty and pain of human life."
~ Ram Dass

“In War: Resolution
In Defeat: Defiance
In Victory: Magnanimity
In Peace: Goodwill"
~ Winston Churchill

And, as the Theme to the final volume
of his 'History if the Second World War'

"How the great democracies
and so were able to
Resume the Follies
Which had so nearly
Cost them their Life."

"... and during his forty days in the
desert, the Master was tempted
by the Devil, who offered him
every imaginable form of wealth,
power and knowledge.

When the Devil finally called him
to accept his offer, the Master
told him softly,

" I will wear the shining stars
as jewels on my forhead.
And you propose
to offer me the world?"
~ Khalil Gibran, from The Master


There are four kinds of people:

Those who don't know
that they don't know.
They are fools. Beware of them!

Those who don't know
that they know.
They are asleep. Wake them up!

Those who know
that they don't know.
They are children. Teach them!

Those who know
that they know.
They are wise. Follow them!
~Sufi proverb