Spiritual Context

Michael writes:


"Two keys to reaching some satisfaction in my search:To extend my idea of the Christian culture I was raised in to include more than the last two thousand years, and see the last five thousand years as a single cultural evolution. For this, Alexandro provided the direction. To extend my sense of being human beyond my own modern culture, into indigenous traditions, finding the common ground, and then, through their traditions, finding some capacity to experience the world beyond being human. For this, Guillermo has provided the direction."


Wrestling With Mortality

"When I was in my twenties, I travelled for 10 years. During this time I met Alejandro Jodorowsky, and through him gained an understanding of a spiritual knowledge held in the western world for a long time.

Alexandro does not maintain a website, but his Wikipedia page is comprehensive:
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This formed the foundation of my approach, and I waited until I was 50 before deciding that it had been verified. In that time, I had not removed or added anything, and it still corresponded to the world around me. An introduction to this work is here."



"A few years ago my path led me to Guillermo Arevalo, a Shipibo master healer from the Peruvian Amazon. His balance and capacity were, like Alejandro's, amazing.. The first time I heard him sing in ceremony, I kept saying to myself "Where have I heard that before..?" After a while, I remembered. In 1969 I saw Duke Ellington and his Orchestra live, and I had not heard that kind of power coming from anywhere since... Guillermo has opened a healing centre in Peru called Espiritu de Anaconda. A film featuring him - The Vine of the Soul - can be seen here."